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May I a small house and large garden have;
And a few friends,
And many books, both true.

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"We are both Sylvia Plath described by Ted Hughes on her honeymoon in Paris"

"Oh yes, romantic in every sense, and looking at everything though the eyes of authors and poets, of The Lost Generation and the revolutionaries and lovers with flowers in their hair and hot blood in their veins, never minding the filth on the streets and the places where buildings have been scarred"


"I like being Sylvia"

"Me too" 

ahahhaah I love Camille I love being in Paris I love eating fruit and bread and cheese and Perrier in this tiny perfect room curled up on a futon with mismatched sheets I love having these conversations with someone who gets it ahhhahaha what is my life

ps you can see the Eiffel Tower so clearly and closely that the lift is visible going up and down. that is how nice a part of town we’re in. 

pps on the bus here from London a girl form the coast taught me to make daisy chains and we drank her juice and split my cookies it was like 2nd grade 

this one time in sixth grade my ~advanced readers~ had to pick big words that described each other and mine were “flamboyant vacant clever gregarious wicked reclusive coy and mysterious” 

at the time I was very offended but in retrospect I had very perceptive classmates  


i think selena gomez took a piece of justin bieber’s sanity with her when they broke up (destroying a man from the inside out u go girl)

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